Ready to Drink Cocktails

We invite you to browse our vibrant line up, featuring both modern and classic ready to serve cocktails. Just pour over ice and serve!

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Aviation, old fashioned, margarita and mai tai cocktails on white table in sunshine.

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OTR Cocktails

OTR Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

Blue Hawaiian 1
OTR Cocktails

OTR Espresso Martini Cocktail

OTR Espresso Martini Cocktail bottle
OTR Espresso Martini Cocktail graphic on espresso background
OTR Cocktails

OTR Cosmopolitan Cocktail

A bottled Cosmopolitan cocktail from OTR
Icon of OTR Cosmopolitan cocktail
OTR Cocktails

OTR Old Fashioned Cocktail

A bottled Old Fashioned cocktail from OTR
Icon of OTR Old Fashioned cocktail
OTR Cocktails

OTR Manhattan Cocktail

A bottled Manhattan cocktail from OTR
Icon of OTR Manhattan cocktail
OTR Cocktails

OTR Aviation Cocktail

A bottled Aviation cocktail from OTR
Icon of OTR Aviation cocktail
OTR Cocktails

Cucumber and Lemongrass Mule

Can of Cucumber & Lemongrass Mule
OTR Cocktails

Mango and Mint Mojito

Can of Mango & Mint Mojito