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A bottled Mai Tai cocktail from OTR
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OTR Cocktails

OTR Mai Tai Cocktail

A modern take on a classic Tiki cocktail is made special with authentic flavors of orgeat, coconut, pineapple and orange, as well as a custom blend of Cruzan® Light and Dark rums.

OTR Mai Tai Cocktail
A hand holding a bottle of OTR Mai Tai cocktail

A word from the Co-Founder

When I first learned about making cocktails, the genre I fell most in love with was Tiki.

Headshot of the Co-Founder of OTR Mai Tai cocktail
Rocco Milano, Co-Founder
United States of America
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On the OTR Mai Tai Cocktail

A modern take on a classic tiki cocktail, as interpreted by Co-Founder and Global Brand Ambassador, Rocco Milano. The OTR Mai Tai cocktail is crafted with a custom blend of dark and light Cruzan® rums. As the old tiki adage goes, ‘what one rum can’t do, two rums can’. This rum blend is combined with flavors of orange and pineapple for the perfect Mai Tai.


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A bottled Cosmopolitan cocktail from OTR
A bottled Margarita cocktail from OTR
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A bottled Aviation cocktail from OTR

OTR Cosmopolitan Cocktail

A modern classic cocktail known for its pink hue and delicious taste. Ours is made with smooth imported EFFEN® vodka.

OTR Margarita Cocktail

This cocktail delivers a classic tart yet sweet taste, blended with Hornitos® Plata tequila for an agave forward profile

OTR Manhattan Cocktail

Take it east-coast easy with this sophisticated sip of OTR Manhattan cocktail, crafted with the spicy complexity of Basil Hayden® Dark Rye.

OTR Aviation Cocktail

Our Aviation is made with Larios®, a lighter juniper and citrus gin. Classic flavors of dry cherry, lemon, and a hint of violet makes the overall profile flavorful and distinctive.

Our Story

More OTR

After many flights and hotel rooms, our founders saw an opportunity to bring bar-quality cocktails wherever you go..
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OTR Old Fashioned cocktail served in whiskey glasses and with fruit.

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A bottled Cosmopolitan cocktail from OTR
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