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The OTR Story

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OTR Cocktails: Go A Little Extra

Discover Our Story

After many a flight and hotel room, the founders of OTR saw an opportunity to bring premade, bar-quality cocktails to the clear skies and night stays. That’s when OTR was born – a new kind of ready to drink cocktail experience, delivering all the complexity and craftsmanship you would find at your local bar, in a convenient bottle.


OTR Old Fashioned Cocktail

A bottled Old Fashioned cocktail from OTR
Icon of OTR Old Fashioned cocktail

OTR Margarita Cocktail

A bottled Margarita cocktail from OTR
Icon of OTR Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita cocktail

OTR Cosmopolitan Cocktail

A bottled Cosmopolitan cocktail from OTR
Icon of OTR Cosmopolitan cocktail

Bar-Quality Cocktails

OTR Cocktails bring the bar to wherever you are

Our mixologist-crafted cocktails only require one thing: ice!
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OTR jalapeno pineapple margarita bottle being poured in a glass with ice and lime with pool in background.