The Story

It all starts with quality.

After many a flight and hotel room, the founders of OTR saw an opportunity to bring premium, bar-quality cocktails to the clear skies and night stays. That’s when OTR was born – a new kind of ready to drink cocktail experience, delivering all the complexity and craftsmanship you would find at your local bar, in a convenient bottle. Without the need for multiple ingredients or equipment, the premium spirits and natural flavors in OTR are ready to go wherever you want. So whether you’re flying back home, finishing up the back nine, or need a night back on the couch, let OTR bring the bar to you.

A bottle of On The Rocks Aviation on a marble cutting board
A bottle of On The Rocks Old Fashioned on a mirrored background with oranges
A bottle of On The Rocks Margarita on a purple background with flowers
A bottle of On The Rocks Mai Tai lying on pineapple and lime slices
A bottle of On The Rocks Cosmopolitan lying next to a cocktail glass
Three bottles of On The Rocks lying on a cutting board with flowers, lemons and oranges
A bottle of On The Rocks Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita between a fruit basket and a cocktail glass
A bottle of On the Rocks Manhattan and a cocktail set
A bottle of On The Rocks Classic Daiquiri lying next to a cocktail glass
The Story Starts Here

An award-winning restaurant in Dallas is started by one of the co-founders of what would become OTR

The award-winning restaurant is recognized as one of the best restaurants in the city.

Award-Winning Rocco

Co-Founder Rocco Milano receives a prestigious award

Rocco Milano is awarded "Dallas's Best Bartender." His experience from behind the bar as a mixologist shapes the way he develops cocktails for OTR. He now serves as our Global Brand Ambassador.

Beyond the Bar

Experiments, Distilled

The trio of co-founders started to experiment with distilling in a garage... thankfully, production quickly moved to a co-manufacturing facility in the Dallas area.

To the Sky

OTR is served on board select flights.

OTR Cocktails are served on board a major airline, marking the brand's first hospitality customer. Hospitality will continue to be at the forefront of the brand's values throughout the coming years.

Shaking It Up

Production continues to grow as the brand builds loyal fans at first sip.

The demand for OTR grows, requiring a move to a larger distilling and bottling facility. The transition helps OTR serve even more people with bartender-quality cocktails in a bottle.

Mixing In Famous Spirit Brands

A partnership with Beam Suntory is established.

Beam Suntory partners with OTR, sharing values of bringing premium cocktail experiences to every moment and a bold commitment to perfection.

Notable Names

OTR cocktails crafted with premium Beam Suntory brand spirits launch in the market.

The partnership with Beam Suntory infuses the cocktails with world-renowned spirit brands, including KNOB CREEK®, Hornitos®, Tres Generaciones®, Cruzan®, Larios®, and EFFEN®.

The Perfect Serve

Beam Suntory acquires OTR.

As Rocco Milano likes to say, Beam Suntory "put a ring on it" with an exciting acquisition of OTR Cocktails. 

OTR Today

OTR scales distribution and releases exciting new cocktails.

With the support of Beam Suntory, OTR can now grow to serve even more people. New items, like seasonal variety packs and classic cocktail varieties, are released as people share the cocktails with their friends and family.

The Philosophy

The Craft of a Mixologist

We believe quality should never be sacrificed for the sake of convenience. That's why no matter where you take OTR, you'll always get the same bar-quality cocktail in every bottle. Our commitment to crafting beverages with premium spirits and natural flavors remains unwavered, as we continue to bring exciting recipes into the fold, each a classic cocktail with a unique OTR twist. We hope you find our ready to serve bottles, ready and worthy of your glass and next round. 

Tattooed arm with hand holding a glass of margarita with lime on the rim with sea in background.
Long red haired woman holding cosmopolitan cocktail with fruit and ice with cocktail bottle sitting on top of rattan chair.

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We believe quality should never be sacrificed for the sake of convenience. That’s why no matter no where you take OTR, you’ll taste the same bar-quality cocktail every time.

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Close up of multiple colourful small OTR cocktail bottles with old fashioned and cosmopolitan cocktails.


It doesn't matter where anyone is opening a bottle of OTR, they are my guest!

Monochrome headshot of Rocco Milano, middle aged white male with dark features wearing a white shirt and grey vest.
Rocco Milano
Co-Founder and Ambassador

Mixed with More

We aspired to create a new kind of ready to serve cocktail experience. OTR delivers all the complexity and craftmanship from a local bar, but without the need for multiple ingredients or special equipment. OTR brings the bar to you; open, pour over ice, and serve. Cheers!

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OTR Old Fashioned Cocktail
OTR Cocktails

OTR Old Fashioned Cocktail

A bottled Old Fashioned cocktail from OTR
Icon of OTR Old Fashioned cocktail

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OTR premixed cocktails bottles and blue cocktail serve with lime against greenery background